In this weeks episode of "School Discipline Gone Wild" we have the case of 14 year-old Aliya May of Henrico County, VA. She has been suspended for a month so far after being accused by her school of assault and battery with a weapon on a former teacher at her school. Her weapon of choice was a 1.75 inch baby carrot.

While baby carrots can be dangerous to babies, they are not really what a reasonable person would call a weapon. Meriam-Webster's dictionary defines "weapon" as "something (as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat, or destroy."

Here is the carrot weapon in question:


This is yet another example of how schools across the country that are filled with administrators that have too much education and not enough common sense. Aliya's mother, Karrie, sums up her frustration by saying: "I don't even know how to combat the stupidity of it."

The school is saying nothing and hasn't identified the teacher or what sort of damage the baby carrot did to her forehead.

Aliya definitely should face consequences for throwing a baby carrot at a teacher. That is not appropriate behavior. But to bring in the police into it and charge her with assault and battery with a weapon as if she had beat the teacher mercilessly with a baseball bat is going a tad too far. If this does go to court I hope the judge has common sense and orders the school to levy a more appropriate penalty for mischievously throwing a baby carrot.

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