You may have watched a TED Talk videos in the past, recorded somewhere in the world, but for one night TEDx was in Sioux Falls.

The sold-out crowd at the Museum of Visual Materials on Thursday (April 11) created a sense of enthusiasm and celebration, mingling over a drink and a plate of snacks before the event began. Soon each person found their seat, the music faded and the incredible stories began.

We are so fortunate to have insightful and passionate people right here in Sioux Falls who want to inspire, educate and motivate others.

"These individuals in our community are doing spectacular work and now gave a TED talk highlighting a segment or idea worth spreading to the world." said organizer Thaddeus Giedd."

Talking to those who attended, it seemed each speaker resonated with a person in a unique way, on an individual thought-provoking level. I was particularly captivated by Vaney Harari, depicting the difference between Leaders and Managers in the workplace.

What will your takeaway be from these Tedx Sioux Falls videos?

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