Teddy Bridgewater was dressed for Thursday's preseason game against Seattle, but he never touched the field. Now everyone wants to know what happened.

Unfortunately the reason hasn't been fully released yet but the direction the Vikings went seems to raise a partial red flag. Mike Zimmer told Greg Coleman of the Vikings Entertainment Network that he would discuss it following the game. At halftime, Coleman attempted to get an answer but was met with a simple answer.

"Because it was my decision."

Cue the speculation. Did Teddy do something like break curfew? Did something occur at some point that would cause this? Is this a case of just protecting him? Or maybe this is purely just face value and Zimmer made the decision to not play him.

We didn't get much clarification after the game.

The vague nature of the conversation easily made heads turn. Zimmer is a straight shooter and doesn't need to dance around, but an easy statement saying that he wanted to evaluate Shaun Hill as a backup quarterback with the first team offense would have just closed the book.

In his post-game press conference, Zimmer implied exactly that.

"It was great for Shaun to play and we wanted to take a good look at him and make sure we were going into the season with a backup we feel good about. He managed everything in the huddle and got the right checks in. Had opportunities to get the ball down the field and didn't panic in the pocket. He surveyed the field and was good."

This seems to be the most likely answer as to why Teddy did not play in the contest. The Vikings appeared to just want to figure out the situation with the backup quarterback roster.

Hill finished the game 10-17 for 129 yards. Joel Stave came in as relief and went 6-14 for 67 yards.

Taylor Heinicke hasn't participated in training camp or preseason due to an injury suffered this offseason when he broke into his own house and kicked a glass door.