If you have ever loved a sports team, you can relate to this Minnesota teacher's rant about our terrible teams to his students.

TikTok user @therealmisspearson is an 8th grade teacher that shared this video of a fellow teacher ranting about being loyal to Minnesota sports teams, even though they constantly disappoint us year after year.

@therealmisspearsonA lesson in loyalty. The moments before Winter Break are truly unhinged. #mnvikings #minnesota #teachersoftiktok #teacher♬ original sound - Miss Pearson

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"You were born here, this is your curse. Suck it up, join the party. The worst party in the history of mankind. But you're in the party, you're on the invite list. You can't get out!"

This teacher then goes on to compare being a Minnesota sports fan to the Eagles song "Hotel California", saying that being a fan of our teams is something you can never leave.

He's not wrong. It is kinda like being stuck in a purgatory-like state. You have your good moments and big highs, but then they are followed by crushing lows. We are just stuck in this never-ending cycle of excitement and disappointment. You can check out any time you like of watching the games, but you can never leave the fandom.

Ten Most Disappointing Minnesota Sports Seasons

The 2021 Minnesota Twins entered the season with high expectations, but unfortunately, they've made the list of most disappointing Minnesota teams of all time.

Disappointment is a common feeling for Minnesota sports fans as the years continue. Following the NBA Championship win for Milwaukee, SportsCenter was quick to point out that Minnesota has the current longest streak of seasons without a championship appearance in the four major sports (MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL). The Minnesota Lynx also chimed in on the stat after claiming four championships since 2011.

The ten teams that are on this list all follow a similar pattern. The year prior was either a great season with a playoff run or one that featured a strong core of players that appeared to have taken the next step. Offseason/preseason expectations were high with even Las Vegas oddsmakers believing in a deep run. Unfortunately, those preseason expectations fell short for the following teams. None of the teams listed below made the playoffs.

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