Rita Haworth has allegedly been able to see "spirits" ever since she was a little girl. Four years ago, she stepped away from her longtime university teaching career to become a "spirit medium" instead.

Haworth's visions and alleged communications with the other side began during childhood, when she was 9.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Haworth, 63, said she first discovered her "gift" when her parents went out for a date, leaving her with her aunt. It was the first time she felt something was off, and that night she heard an inexplicable banging sound. It turned out her parents had been in a car accident.

Remaining a skeptic at the time, Haworth claimed she continued to receive messages and visions into her adulthood, including seeing her best friend, who was killed in a motorcycle accident at the age of 16 .

In a separate encounter, when Haworth was in her 20s, she claimed she connected with a man named "Bill" who communicated with her through a makeshift Ouija board.

"I said a prayer for him to move on because he seemed to be stuck. The atmosphere felt lighter afterwards," she shared. A few years later, Haworth learned Bill had previously lived in the house she was residing in at the time, and had shot himself inside the barn.

Haworth also claimed she can predict the future through psychic readings, saying she once helped a woman who was trying to get a job as a police officer.

"I did a sitting for her, and I told her she would get into the police force, but she would only stay 10 years. She asked why, and I pretended I wasn't sure. I didn't tell her because it wasn't good," Haworth told Manchester Evening News.

Haworth has given "copious amounts of readings to people over the years."

"In my earlier years, I did see things just randomly. But now I'm fully developed. I've learned how to control it," she claimed.

Before becoming a spiritual medium, Haworth served as a social politics professor in the U.K., lecturing at the University of Salford and teaching a master's course for students at the University of Manchester.

Since stepping away from her role as a college professor, Haworth continues to practice her spiritual work as a medium. She recently added "author" to her resume with her new book, Ambassador for Spirit.

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