The popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why is about a girl who killed herself.

Angela Drake of Tea South Dakota, who's teenage daughter took her life over a year ago, responded to the series.

"Anytime the word suicide can be brought into the public eye provides an opportunity to talk with our kids about it. Unfortunately, 13 Reasons Why doesn't give us a full picture of what the character was going through. They talk about the external problems she was facing. That leads people to believe that it's external problems only that cause suicide."

If your kids are watching the program, Angela suggests you view it with them.

"Make sure they're not binge watching it. Kids need time to process the complexity of each episode of the series. Helping them slow down is what we as parents can do. When we see it together, they are able to take a brake between programs and talk about each one with us. By doing this they are not getting overwhelmed with all of the darkness of the series."

Some mental health experts believe the series could trigger dangerous thoughts and actions by some teens.

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