We were wondering how long it would take for Taylor Swift to show up in a skit for tonight's Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Specialand, thankfully, we only had to wait about an hour or so to see her in all her comedic glory. The sketch, called "The Californians," was actually a recurring sketch the show did from 2011-2012, so it makes sense to bring it back for a special highlighting Saturday Night Live's longevity. It does a great job spoofing, well, residents of California via a soap opera format. From the characters' exaggerated, Valley-girl way of speaking to their vanity and narcissism and even their constant, specific directions to where they were headed, it was a stereotypical portrayal of all things California.

Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen started things off and were totally on point -- as is to be expected, considering they're a trifecta of contemporary SNL legends, you know -- and then Laraine Newman and Bradley Cooper joined in, along with Kerry Washington in a total departure from the intensity we're used to from her as an actress. We figured that was enough star power for one sketch, because, hello? Did you even see the list of celebrities we've named in this post so far? Well, in strolled Taylor and it was almost too much to deal with. She was, as she always is on SNL, totally hilarious and totally in character.

But wait, it gets even better, because Betty White showed up after Taylor, and considering the fact that everything Betty White touches turns to gold, we were overjoyed. The most hilarious part? She and Bradley Cooper wind up making out and it completely made the whole sketch.

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