My dad told me to get my crap out of his house, so I brought in a tote of old stuff and every day I rediscover a new treasure. Today, it was my old pair of rollerblades...that were falling apart.

These rollerblades are from probably mid-90s. Maybe 95 to 97 and truth be told I did not get them from a sporting goods store because those would be fancy and expensive, mine were from a toy store.

Funny store, I grew up living on a gravel road so in order to rollerblade I would ride my bike, with my rollerblades on, to the highway. Once to the highway, I would drop my bike off on the shoulder of the street and proceed to rollerblade. On the highway. Where semi trucks would drive by. Oh, childhood.

When I took the rollerblades out of the tote, I thought, "This is great. I can start rollerblading again." Those dreams were dashed when I tried to take them for a spin in the parking lot.

The wheels were literally falling apart!

I'd like to point out that I am actually a pretty decent rollerskater/blader when the equipment isn't falling apart underneath me.

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