It all started about a month ago when my dad called me and basically told me to get my crap out of his house. Well, actually he said he didn't mind storing some of it, but he still wanted me to go through it.

I insisted I didn't have that much still at home, but alas, I went home to dig around. And, I will admit there was more there than I remembered, but I was still annoyed that all of a sudden it was in his way. He never even goes upstairs. My parents barely went upstairs even when I did live at home.

Anyway, I brought one tote full of stuff back from my dad's house and for the last two weeks I have been pulling one thing out every day.

So I thought I would recap what has been in my tote in case you missed a day.


Barbie tea set from Tasha's tote! #coffee #radio #fun #dumb #hashtag

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P.S. Stay tuned because there is plenty more in #TashasTote

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