I know you all have your calendars marked already, but just in case you forgot, The Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon is coming up on March 26th and 27th!

One of our awesome heroes is Ben Sahr! He lost his leg to cancer and has not let it slow him down! He and PT Dan, started this push up challenge between themselves and over the years it has totally blown up! Now, we're going viral!

Erin Sanderson, from Cure Kids Cancer, challenged me to the 20 for $20 Pushups 4 Pledges Challenge. Basically, I have to try and do 20 Ben style pushups, which means doing pushups on one leg or donate $20. Challenge accepted.

I explain the whole challenge in the video above!

To make a donation text TeamBen (one word) to 51555!

And don't forget to challenge your friends!

Speaking of which, I challenge some Hot 104.7 blasts from the not so long ago past. Jonny V, Ben, and Tammy!

Also, Mitchell Olson!

And don't forget to share your videos with the following hashtags!

All the info is here as well!

Sanford Cure Kids Cancer (Used with Permission
Sanford Cure Kids Cancer (Used with Permission
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