I was with my dad recently in the Twin Cities and he asked if I had ever been to White Castle. I had not. He hadn't either. So we went.

White Castle lives in the pop culture lexicon thanks to Harold and Kumar and apparently stoner culture in general, but I just never had the desire to try it.

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I had heard that the buns get kind of soggy and it's kind of greasy, but I figure it's fast food. Greasy is what you expect.

We ordered in the drive-thru and saw signs in the window that it was White Castle's 100th birthday this year. Well, what better way to celebrate than to have some sliders for the first time!

We opted for the Double Cheese Slider Combo. I figured if four regular sliders come in the basic combo then let's stack those up and add cheese! The regular sliders didn't have cheese. We wanted cheese.

I was surprised that even though the burgers are small sliders, they were relatively filling. There was a strong onion flavor. I like onion so I liked it, but if you're not an onion person, then you might want to ask for no onion.

My dad could not get over how thin the burger patties were. He even said, "The pickles are thicker than the patty." Then he went on to say, "If you write something about this make sure you use that." So, I did.

And, he wasn't wrong. The patties were pretty thin and the pickles were pretty thick.

White Castle fries are of the crinkle-cut variety and I thought they were solid. They weren't underdone or soggy and they weren't overdone or burnt. A good showing for the fries.

White Castle offers fish and chicken sliders as well. Besides fries as a side, there are onion rings, mozzarella sticks, clam strips, fish nibblers, chicken rings, hash brown nibblers, and apple sauce. There are also three dessert options of pies on a stick!

Fun fact: White Castle also serves breakfast all day!

White Castle


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