Amazon has been trying to figure out ways to fight back against "porch pirates" - thieves who steal your packages left on the front porch - and make sure delivered goods are not stolen.

They’re trying two different things. Both are very interesting, and may require some trust in your delivery service.

According to Fortune,  the delivery giant is in talks with a company that makes smart license plates for cars that feature a smartphone-enabled key-box. The delivery drivers would be able to use the key one time and deliver packages to your car’s trunk! Okay... not bad.

Another technology they’re tinkering with is a smart doorbell that would allow delivery drivers access to your home. Again, it would be a one-time shot. The driver would open your front door, drop the package off and then lock up again before driving away.

Neither of these solutions is perfect, but they might just be better than leaving your stuff out in the open for these pesky porch pirates to plunder.

With that said, local shopping should be your preferred way of buying, but sometimes hard-to-find items and cheaper price tags win over. For those times, a little added security is nice.

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