Since legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana in 2012, Colorado has led the way in many aspects involving legal weed, including on-site consumption. Back in 2018, a new type of business was opened in Colorado making it the first, and now only licensed marijuana consumption lounge in the United States. That business is known as The Coffee Joint.

Colorado's Licensed Marijuana Consumption Lounge

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The Coffee Joint was opened in 2018 as the first-ever licensed marijuana lounge where patrons can use marijuana onsite. However, because of the Clean Air Act, you can now only use marijuana products by either vaping or dabbing as the law now requires businesses in Colorado to be smoke-free.

You can find The Coffee Joint at 1130 Yuma Court in Denver, which is fairly close to major downtown landmarks such as Elitch Gardens, Mile High Stadium, and Metro State University. Because of the nature of its business, the Coffee Lounge only allows patrons that are 21 years of age or older.

As you can probably tell by its name, The Coffee Joint does have coffee, but only has Keurig coffee and tea that is free of charge. However, the Coffee Joint does sell other cold beverages as well as snacks and candy.

Fun Things About Colorado's The Coffee Joint

In addition to it being one of the only public places where you can consume THC products, The Coffee Joint has a lot of fun things.

The Coffee Joint consistently has a full calendar of events such as art shows. In addition, you can rent out a conference room, play ping pong or foosball in the garage, or just hang out and enjoy a dab and a Snickers. Totally up to you.

Take a Look Around a Colorado Licensed Pot Consumption Lounge

The Coffee Joint opened its doors in 2018 to become Denver’s first licensed marijuana consumption lounge, and is currently the only one in the United States:

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