I've said it before, and I'll say it again- -there are two kinds of fast food taco people, Taco John's people, and Taco Bell people. I am admittedly the former and not the latter. To this day, every visit to Taco John's makes me almost as happy as the first, when I was in college.

To be honest, those crispy, meaty, cheesy tacos aren't even my favorite thing at Taco John's. I'm all about the Taco Burgers and quite possibly, one of God's greatest creations--Potato Oles!

But I digress, the whole reason I bring this up, is because, unbelievably, Taco John's is turning 50! It all began with one small taco stand in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1969 and the rest is history.

Taco John's, (named after the man who started it of course) take tacos so seriously, that they even trademarked the phrase "Taco Tuesday"! So, of course, it will be on a Tuesday that they celebrate their anniversary.

Tuesday, August 13th at all the Taco John's in Sioux Falls, and across the country, their original Beef Crispy tacos will have a 1969 price tag of only 69 cents!

I, for one, intend to celebrate with a fistful!




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