In the 25 seasons of 'Survivor' -- in which contestants are “stranded” on a desert island and tasked with competing in challenges, catching their own food, building their own shelters, not dying, and dealing with Jeff Probst -- a whole slew of medical professionals has toiled behind the scenes to make sure no one leaves in a body bag.

Since the first airing of 'Survivor' in 2000 (and the downfall of television as we know it) there have been 37,500 medical consultations with a team of three paramedics, three nurses and three doctors, all of whom are on call 24/7 during filming.

They bring $500,000 worth of medical supplies to each location every season, which means they're able to deal with 99 percent of injuries on site, some of which have included heart attacks, trauma, head and spine injuries and allergic reactions.

While contestants are allowed help for serious conditions, they're not permitted over-the-counter pain medication or even minor dressings for comfort purposes. That's right, 'Survivor' contestants have to deal with those blisters, but at least women are blessedly (and discretely) provided feminine hygiene products.

Come on, you know you think about that every time you watch 'Survivor.'

In addition, camera crews are also first aid trained and know how to deal with snake bites. Just in case.

All of those fun little factoids and more are included in the below infographic, created in conjunction with (click that link for a full-sized version).

Survivor Infographic

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