According to the results of the 2017 National Citizen Survey 91% of people in Sioux Falls think that the city is a good or great place to live.

The 2017 National Citizen Survey was a questionnaire that was sent to 3000 randomly selected Sioux Falls homes in January. The survey asked people to rate their satisfaction with the quality of life in Sioux Falls, as well as various city services and other characteristics of the community.

“Sioux Falls’ residents are enthusiastic about our local quality of life and the opportunities our city has to offer them,” City Council Chair Rex Rolfing said in a press release. “While there are opportunities for improvement, our citizens recognize that they have a bright future in Sioux Falls.”

The survey found that mostly people like living in Sioux Falls; feel safe downtown and in their neighborhoods; and think this is a good place to raise kids, work and retire.

• Sioux Falls is an excellent or good place to live: 91%
• Sioux Falls is an excellent or good place to raise children: 89%
• Sioux Falls is an excellent or good place to retire: 67%
• Sioux Falls’ overall quality of life is excellent or good: 88%
• Overall feeling of safety in Sioux Falls is excellent or good: 77%
• Those who feel very safe/somewhat safe downtown/commercial area during the day: 86%
• Sioux Falls as an excellent or good place to work: 82%

On the negative side, respondents were less happy with the amount of affordable housing in Sioux Falls. People were also not very enthusiastic about Sioux Falls traffic flow, street repair and traffic single timing.

• Affordable Housing in Sioux Falls is excellent or good: 45%
• Sioux Falls Traffic Flow is excellent or good:49%
• Sioux Falls Traffic Signal Timing is excellent or good: 47%
• Sioux Falls Street Repair, excellent or good: 28%

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