College students are notorious for cutting loose during spring break. I mean what college-aged kid doesn't start salivating at the thought of being able to work on their next legendary hangover in places like; Key West, Panama City, Fort Myers Beach, South Padre Island, or Wasta South Dakota over spring break? (Okay, maybe not Wasta, so much, however it is beautiful this time of year!)

As crazy as the world has been the past couple of years, given all the job loss, work adjustments, and various other restrictions and oddities people have had to endure as a result of the pandemic, college students, and young adults aren't the only ones jonesing for a good party right about now. A new survey has found moms and dads are now craving a spring break getaway of their own more than ever too. I'm guessing in most cases, it will be a break without as much alcohol consumption as say their kids, but a kick-butt spring break nonetheless.

Dakota News Now is reporting, recently surveyed 4,730 parents to inquire if they plan on taking some form of spring break this year as a stress reliever? When it comes to South Dakota parents, 57% of those asked reported they do plan on taking a spring break with their friends, minus the kids in 2022.

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What are the Top 3 spots South Dakota parents plan on getting the party started?

Key West, Florida
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Key West is the #1 destination for South Dakota parents this spring.

Known for its awesome bars and beaches, it's easy to see why Key West is the top choice of the parents asked. Key West also has great fishing and plenty of cultural opportunities to check out as well. I am guessing most moms want to go there to keep tabs on their kids. Dads, on the other hand, will be going for the scenery, if you know what I mean?

South Padre Island, Texas
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#2 on the South Dakota parents spring break wish list is, South Padre Island. Again, talk about bars, clubs, and live music opportunities. Does it get any better than South Padre Island? Not to mention the miles and miles of beaches. Dad is gonna be rockin' his speedo down there.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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The #3 most sought after South Dakota parents spring break destination is none other than, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Welcome to the home of 24-hour parties. There's always a party going on in Cabo. In between raising the roof, mom and dad can also sneak in a little snorkeling, diving, and deep-sea fishing!

No big surprise here, according to the survey, South Dakota dads edged out South Dakota moms when asked the question "Do you plan to go away and cut loose during your spring break getaway?"

That was the overwhelming objective of most South Dakota dads. My advice to all you dads, don't forget to pack the Tylenol, you ain't 24 years-old anymore!

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