I think Spring Break as a theme is new this season, but team dances are not. Honestly, the team dances are one of my favorite things about DWTS.

Round 1. Spring Break

Noah and Sharna had a pretty memorable Rumba. Rumba is a very romantic, sexy dance and they did not disappoint. Noah lived by the philosophy of no shirt, no shoes, no problem. He had good hip action and kept his moves fluid, but towards the end it looked like a lift or something got a bit off, but it didn't deter from the dance too much. It was still beautiful.

The Bachelor star, Chris Soules, had a bit of a comeback week. He was injured last week and just hasn't danced well the last couple weeks. However, this week's Viennese Waltz was so pretty and elegant. Head judge, Len, said some of his footwork was technically wrong, but it looked good to me. It was pretty in pale pink. And who doesn't love a carousel?

Riker Lynch ended the first round of competition with the highest scores of the night and a great samba. Some of it looked awkward to me because the latin moves just look funny on him for some reason. Maybe it's because he's tall and lanky, but homeboy still make it work for him.

Round Two: Team Dances

The two teams. Team Yolo and Team Trouble.

Derek Hough is undefeated in the team dances. So I was happy to see Mark and Derek not he same team. But could he keep the streak going? I mean he and his partner weren't even there to rehearse for most the week. Uh-oh.

Then it was Team Trouble's turn.

Usually, there is a clear winner in the team dances. One team is usually more out of sync or just not as creative, but this season both teams came out swinging.

They were both totally different dances. In the end the team round scores were tied. So who will go home?

In the end it was....Patti Labelle. She had shown some improvement the last couple weeks. She was just getting the groove of things, but apparently she wasn't groovy enough.

Next week, I think Robert Herjavec will be going home. He's had a rough couple of weeks. Like really rough.



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