Warmer weather means an increase in salespeople going door-to-door in Sioux Falls. One recent case in particular didn’t work out so well.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says the 62-year old victim who lives on the 300 block of East 73rd Street will most likely not get his money back.

“Guys were going door to door and sold what they said was a debit card to be used for oil changes. The victim wrote a check to the people. The check was cashed but hadn’t received that card. He called somebody, got some excuse and called back again. He still hasn’t gotten the debit card from them.”

Clemens also says that people should be reminded of what to look for when someone comes to their door.

“In Sioux Falls, people have to get a peddler’s permit. The first thing people should be asking if somebody knocks on their door trying to sell them something is ask to see that peddler’s permit. There’s a background check and certain steps that are met before they are allowed to have a permit. If they don’t have that permit, don’t buy anything from them.

The permits include a photographic identification card which is issued by the Sioux Falls Police Department.

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