During the summer we hardly have any holidays compared to the fall and winter.

And I think during the summer we need a holiday to celebrate and look forward to, thus I think we should all celebrate Summerween.

What is Summerween you may ask?

But what I believe Summerween is and if you ask a lot of 90s kids what Summerween is they may refer back to Gravity Falls a hit TV show from Disney Channel about twin siblings spending some time in an odd town with their grunkle Stan.

Summerween is Halloween with a summer twist to it that is celebrated on June 22 or the second to last Friday of June.

The jack-o-lanterns that are typically made out of pumpkins are watermelons thus called jack-o-melons.

Plus, it is in the summertime so no need to worry about the kids staying up to late trick or treating, and it's on a Friday so the bars will enjoy the nightlife scene as well for those who are older than 21!

My only question is why haven't we done this in the past and why where Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls the first ones to bring it to life?!

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