The best beer for summer is back just in time for a March blizzard.

Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy is in stores in Sioux Falls for 2021. You might be wondering why the hell is a summer beer already on the shelf when we are still weeks away from spring. Because it's that damn good, that's why.

According to Leinenkugel's website, Summer Shandy is available from March through August. But just like stores that sell clothing have swimming suits, khaki shorts, and other skin-baring garb in vast abundance during the cold heart of winter, the flavor of summer rolls out while there is still snow on the ground. But it often disappears as early as the beginning of September, as it did for me last year. I had to stock up on "big boys" and gas station silo 4-packs. But I hung onto my last few bottles until the last day of January. It was mildly flat after sitting in my fridge for four months, but it still had that feeling of the summer-long gone.

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So where can you find the delicious flavor of hot days and cold beer in Sioux Falls? My wife picked up my first 12-pack of Summer Shandy of the season at Williquors a couple of weeks ago. I have since been able to see and purchase it, at Hy-Vee. It's in other stores I'm sure, I just haven't been to those.

I have a strange obsession with this beer. I was enjoying some during the cold snap while grilling some chicken breasts, which Leinenkugel says it pairs well along with fruit salads, watermelon, and freshly caught grilled fish.

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