The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is easily the event that draws the most people in South Dakota every year. It is also one of the biggest events in the entire country.

Genfare gathered approximate data on the largest event in each state around the country. According to their infographic, Sturgis is the 11th largest event around the country bringing in 700,000 people. The numbers are not entirely accurate, however.

That would have been true in 2015 when the Rally set a record of 739,000. The previous record was in 2000 when 633,000 attended. In most years Sturgis brings in between 400,000 and 525,000 people. That would make it around the 16th or 17th largest event in the country. Still nothing to sneeze at.

The Minnesota State Fair is the second largest event in the country, bested only by New York's Times Square New Years Eve. Of course the Great Minnesota Get-Together gets two weeks to pull in that many people while New Years Eve is one day, but it's still huge.

The Iowa State Fair was tied for the 5th largest event at 1.1 million people.

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