With the heavy rains and humidity lately, the mosquitoes are ready to take to your campsites, backyards, and patios. Unless you spray for these pests you can expect them to take a bite out of your summer fun.

So, why do mosquitoes tend to bite some people more than others? Bug spray and repellent would be the obvious answer - but it goes even deeper than that. Your genes, blood-type, and alcohol consumption may play a big part in attracting those pesky skeeters.

According to a study from PLOS One, mosquitoes will really like you if your are blood type O. B is not that much better, but type A people are the least likely to be bitten. The study goes on to find that corpulent, larger people are more likely to be bothered because they breathe out a higher amount of carbon dioxide, which the pests like.

If you are a fitness freak, the mosquitoes apparently really love you because you will heat up and sweat and the flying blood-suckers thrive on that. You mean sitting in the Adirondack chair with a cold beer is not the best way to avoid mosquitoes? Nope. Apparently, alcohol makes your blood tastier and mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of brews and cocktails. Me too. I must be part skeeter.

Finally, avoid colors such as blue, black, and red, which attract the insects.

As always, use a repellent when out this summer to avoid being swarmed. It seems mosquitoes are carrying more disease and viruses every year.

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