I work two jobs and rarely get a whole day to myself, but this past weekend, I had Sunday off and it was a day full of inspiring women.

First, I went with a couple friends to see the new movie, Wonder Woman. I loved this movie so much, which for a superhero movie, is rare for me. I loved how relevant the movie was even though it was set back during WWI. Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman is strong, beautiful, and smart.

Throughout the movie she is told to cover up and dress differently because she is too 'distracting'. Women, even now, fight dress codes at school and work because apparently a bare shoulder is just too much for some people.

Diana has to prove over and over again, in the movie, that she is good enough and smart enough. She figures out chemical formulas written in foreign languages before the military experts can, she decides to fight when other men were too afraid, she decides to speak of peace when others want to fight. She is just so awesome! I will say, I was torn about there being a love interest in the movie, not because I don't think women can't be powerful and still be in relationships, but because it is too much like every other movie. Why can't she be awesome without falling for a guy? But, a good friend of mine made an interesting point, if Diana is to learn about mankind and why she should save it, then she needs to learn about love. Mankind can be awful to each other, but our one redeeming quality is our ability to love. Ok, I guess that makes sense.

Ariana was holding back tears on multiple occasions as well as many of the other performers. I also saw social media being used for good. When I watched the Snapchat story from the show, you saw so much love in the crowd. People holding hands and singing together. There were also lots of people singing together way after the show was over. Singing all the way home together on public transportation. The overall theme of the show was that Love is greater than hate and that hate will never win. 'They' will never keep us down and living in fear. Love will bring us together.

And this made me think back to the overall theme of Wonder Woman. Diana learned that love is greater than hate. And even though people can be terrible to each other, out of every tragedy we see the best parts about humanity: love and compassion.

I know this sounds super cheesy, but it was just how I felt after watching these strong, powerful women saving the world.

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