Despite a chilly start to the new year, January’s temperatures in Sioux Falls finished slightly higher than normal. It means five straight calendar months of warmer than average reading and seven of the last eight.

It was by a small margin, but the first full month of winter was .6 degrees higher than normal. The actual reading was 17.39 compared to the normal reading of 16.75.

Though starting at serious deficit with the first day stuck at -7 for the high temperature, the first day with a temperature above normal was January 7 when the mercury hit 37 degrees.

Four days of warmth then five of the next six were chilly before the turning point arrived on January 17. Nine of the next eleven days were above freezing capped by a near record high of 52 on January 19.

Sunday and Monday (January 28 and 29) did their best to bring back the chill. The grip of Old Man Winter wasn’t strong enough to hold off the final January meltdown to end the month.

There was even some rain that mixed with snow in some spots that came through in the early evening of January 31 to provide a parting shot. Looking ahead, it’s likely that February will set up in a similar fashion with a cold start to the first week of the month. Six of the first seven days of the month are projected to be below normal.

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