I read a story by one of my co-workers about the awesomeness that is Stensland Family Farms ice cream.

A couple years ago my daughter, and I made it our summer mission to find the best ice cream. It was a summer of Yummm!

At the time of our quest for the best, Stenslands' Sioux Falls location hadn't opened yet, so we didn't get the chance to put them in our family contest.

Last Tuesday we got to taste the creamy rich goodness that is Stensland Ice Cream. We didn't even know that we happened to show up on Squeaky Tuesday.

On Squeaky Tuesday they make the cheese fresh on the family farm, and deliver it to the Sioux Falls location and offer up free samples. The cheese is so fresh it squeaks on your teeth with every rich delicious bite.

You are invited to the grand opening of their newly expanded space for Family Farm Day. Meet their baby calves, freebies for kids, product samples, and more.

The Family Farm Day event is Saturday (June 10) from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM.

So far my favorite flavor is Butter Brickle, but you be the judge and check out the entire ice cream flavor line up here.

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