A South Dakota Senate resolution in response to President Donald Trump’s address to Congress was effectively put to rest on Tuesday.

What started as a statement of little faith in the refugee resettlement program, eventually turned into an endorsement of President Trump’s policy on radical Islamic terrorism. Senator Deb Peters of Hartford explained that when the resolution was tabled, reconsideration is not possible.

“We have a joint rule that prevents a Senate resolution from being reconsidered. The only things that you can reconsider are a piece of legislation or joint resolution with the House. This was only a Senate resolution. It cannot be reconsidered according to the joint rules.”

Personally, Peters had issues with SCR 15 because it is in direct opposition with her principles.

“If you recall in the Bible the Good Samaritan parable and how you should treat neighbor, that has always been the way my husband and I have been raising our family. I felt like it was not in concurrence with how I was raised. So I did vote no on that.”

In her experience, Peters said she has seen great success with refugees and does not want to turn away people who are in desperate situations.

Even though the measure was voted down, some South Dakota Senators truly support President Trump's stance on Islamic Terrorism. Senator Stace Nelson sent a tweet stating as such after the 20-15 vote against the resolution.

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