Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says a 29-year-old woman rammed her vehicle into her ex-boyfriend's car.

"We had the ex-boyfriend that got a call from his former girlfriend to pick up some property. As he was driving over there he ended up seeing her," explained Clemens. "They pulled up next to each other. He told police she started yelling at him and he had enough of it. As he drove away, she used her car and rammed his car."

"He called police. We were able to track her down. Once she was arrested for the aggravated assault, the woman was taken to jail where some meth was found on her. She now has drug charges."

Clemens says the ex-boyfriend's car suffered major damage.

"She almost took off the back bumper of the car. She hit it pretty well."

The woman has been identified as Samantha Schaze of Sioux Falls.

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