It's usually as certain as death and taxes, the annual jump in tuition costs each and every year for college students around the country.

But that won't be happening for those attending one of South Dakota's six public universities (South Dakota State, University of South Dakota, Black Hills State, Dakota State, South Dakota School of Mines, Northern State).

The Board of Regents has announced a tuition freeze will be in effect for the 2022-23 academic year.

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According to the press release, increased base funding by more than $8.6 for the public university system by the state legislature will cover salary increases for a portion of Board of Regents’ employees not usually funded with state dollars.

In a statement, Board of Regents Executive Director and CEO Brian Maher said:

'This year, the Legislature’s action to invest additional base general funds in state salary policy will support raises for tuition-funded employees within the Board of Regents’ system and allow us to hold the line on student tuition. There have been some funds directed in the past to a tuition freeze, which we welcomed. Addition of base general funds is a major step forward as we continue to address student affordability and the costs of higher education.'

Maher continued, “We are very thankful to the Joint Appropriations Committee and the legislature, to House and Senate leaders, and to Gov. Noem for their support of public higher education this legislative session.”

The state's public universities and special schools will also benefit from an increase of more than $120 million in state and federal funds through special appropriations passed this legislative session.

According to, as of the 2020-21 academic years, the average annual in-state college tuition in South Dakota was $11,294, which is $3,626 lower than the national average.

Those numbers rank South Dakota as the 38th most expensive and 15th most affordable state to attend college.


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