I previously told you about hometown guy, Brock Thompson, being on a new reality competition show for Bravo called "Spy Games".

Well, the premiere of the show was back in January, and I must admit, Brock was barely in that first episode so I didn't think things looked good for him.

Boy, was I wrong! Brock won the whole damn thing! He won the $100,000 prize and everything!

Full disclosure, I know Brock through some mutual friends and I gotta say he really is good at deception and lying because multiple people on multiple occasions tried to get him to tell who won and he never broke! Not even a little bit.


I specifically remember one conversation when he was talking about how expensive getting his car fixed was going to be and I said, "Well, you must not have won if you can't afford to get your car fixed." I got nothing out of him that day. And, I was wrong.

After hanging off of buildings and ice baths and picking locks and all sorts of crazy stuff, Brock came out the winner!

See the special moment from the finale right here!

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