The movie industry's switch to digital projection failed to claim another victim. Drive-in movie lovers have saved a connection to our past by helping bring it into the future.

The Mitchell Republic reports that the Hilltop Drive Inn Theater in Gregory has raised most of the funds for a new $45,000 digital projector from donations. They will continue to raise funds to complete the updating through the summer. The Hilltop Drive-In Theater is the oldest drive-in movie theater in South Dakota.

According to newspaper, the drive-in's owner Cecil Harsin says that the new digital projector is a necessary update if they wanted to see their 70th season this year.

I haven't been to a drive-in since I was a little-little kid. I remember was how cool it was to hang out in the car and eat popcorn. That drive-in in western Nebraska is now a bunch of apartments. when I went to collage I lived near a drive-in, that was destroyed by a tornado, Twister-style a few years ago. I would like to go a drive-in again, and take my kids to one. It's one of those things that they'll see in movies, and it would be cool for them to have a connection to that experience.

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