It's Halloween. Need a good scare? Sure you do. Read on.

The Keystone Cemetery in South Dakota just might be the most haunted final resting place - and there's plenty of folks in those parts that will swear on it. It all started during the construction of Mt. Rushmore between 1927 to 1941. It's still a marvel (and perhaps part miracle) that none of the 400 workers who dangled from ropes and harnesses and walked narrow scaffolding to complete the majestic monument perished during the construction. It's especially impressive that nearly 450,000 tons of rock were blasted off the mountain and everyone lived to tell about it.

However, after many of the workers who passed away after the completion was laid to rest in the Mountain View Cemetery, which fittingly overlooks Mt. Rushmore.

With a rusty wrought-iron short fence surrounding the seemingly peaceful cemetery, it's what inside and the tales within that make it an interesting place to visit - especially on All-Hallows Eve. Several visitors to the cemetery report seeing ghostly figures walking around. Some have even captured the apparitions on camera - but I was unable to find any. It's also said that the sound of laughter can be heard rolling through the hills. Could it be the laugh of "Wild Horse" Harry Hardin, who used to pose with his mule for visitors? He told everyone that he was a "Custer Massacre Survivor" but his gravestone indicates that he was born 20 years after that fateful day. Is he getting the last laugh?

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Or are the ghostly figures those of the first body laid to rest in the cemetery? The body of Catherine Haynes was exhumed from the Harney Cemetery a few miles away and moved to the Mountain View Cemetery. Could she be restless in the afterlife?

But probably the most interesting grave is that of Bobby Buntrock. As a boy, he played the part of Harold Baxter on the television show 'Hazel' in the 1960s. He died in a car accident on the Keystone Bridge in 1974. Astonishingly, his mother died on the same bridge a year earlier.

A visitor to the cemetery commented on Haunted Places.

Friends and I went to this cemetery years ago. I took many pictures with my digital camera and found nothing on the pictures, but I took a video on my cell phone. Unfortunately, I no longer have the video but after reviewing the video there something big and white shot across the screen of my phone. Also on our way out, all of our phones stopped working – said there was service, but when we tried to call out, our phone just shut off. ~ Caitlin

If you wish to visit, the cemetery is located just off Highway 16A near Keystone on Cemetery Road. But please show some respect. It's still the final resting place for the dearly departed and should be respected.

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