There are many supposedly haunted locations in our area. Washington PavilionOrpheum Theater, and the Minnehaha Courthouse museum.

But there is one location not far from Sioux Falls that I would highly recommend not visiting due to a graveyard curse!

Its a tale of witchcraft that takes place in Jackson County, Minnesota at Loon Lake Cemetery, just a short drive south of Jackson.

According to Mysterious Heartland:

... in 1881 the townspeople of the nearby village of Petersburg accused an 18-year-old girl named Mary Jane Terwileger (sometimes simply known as Mary Jane) of being a witch and beheaded her. She was buried on a hill in Loon Lake Cemetery. Their troubles with witches did not stop there, however, and they saw fit to execute two more young women in subsequent years.

At one time there where 67 headstones. Only 18 remain. Which gives rise to the legend of the Loon Lake Curse.

The story goes that if you happen to walk over Mary Jane's resting place you will die within 72 hours. Here's the thing: her grave is unmarked. So you don't know if you are walking over it or not.

A young man who walked over the grave while hunting in the area. On the way home, a heavy fog ascended, and after he pulled his car over, he suffered carbon monoxide poisoning.

Is the curse real or just folklore, and are you brave enough to go visit this cemetery?

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