If you had to name an adjective to describe the general mood of South Dakota on any given day you probably would say content. Happy would be going too far for a mostly modest population that is typically uncomfortable with compliments. But in the world of Internet lists, some town in the state has to be the happiest.

Zippia.com did a study to find out what the happiest city in every state in the country is. After all of the data was compiled, Sioux Falls was tops on the list.

How did they determine this? Things like home prices, education level, incomes over $75,000, how short commute times are, and the average family life. When you add up all of those factors it put Sioux falls in the top spot for the state, but the state did not end up in the top ten nationally.

The happiest city in America is not Disneyland, it's Bloomington, Illinois. That is followed by Kansas City suburb Olathe, Kansas, and Mayo Clinic's home of Rochester, Minnesota.

The rest of the top ten:

4. Cary, North Carolina

5. Appleton, Wisconsin

6. Highlands Ranch, Colorado

7. Bismarck, North Dakota

8. Richardson, Texas

9. Redmond, Washington

10. Chandler, Arizona

In our neighboring states, excluding the aforementioned North Dakota and Minnesota, Sioux City is the happiest in Iowa, and Omaha is the happiest place in Nebraska.

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