We all know what the nation's favorite pizza topping is.

(And no, cheese for the sake of this post and in my opinion does not count as a pizza topping as most pizzas already come with cheese.) It's pepperoni.

And in South Dakota, according to Eat This, Not That! in conjunction with data that was compiled by Yelp, our favorite pizza topping, or in this case I should almost say our favorite specialty pizza is 'creamy chicken bacon ranch' in the Mount Rushmore State.

"Who knew that residents of the tourist-flocking Mt. Rushmore State usually crave a triangle of creamy chicken bacon ranch?" - Eat This, Not That!

Have you ever tired a creamy chicken bacon ranch pizza before? If so, was it good?

If you haven't tried this kind of pizza topping combination before and would like too, here are some pizza places in Sioux Falls that offer on their website creamy chicken bacon ranch pizza as an option:

Of course, several pizza places that are not listed here have a build your own specialty pizza option where you can select to add to your pizza the ranch, chicken, and bacon separately.

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