Food and Wine set out to find the best coffee shops in each state! That is a lot of caffeine! They did it, so we don't have to.

They started with a survey that asked people to name their favorites and then they instilled some guidelines to help cut it down before they picked the best in each state. One of the guidelines is, "In order to claim the top spot in your state, you had to be an actual coffee roaster—for at least two years,..."

The publication also had rules for themselves, "The research took a full twelve months to complete, and I would have loved even more time. In nearly all cases, site visits (and tastings) were conducted anonymously; at no point in the process did I solicit free samples, or accept any kind of influence over the process..."

And now, without further ado, South Dakota's best coffee shop is........

Coffea Roasterie is a fine choice. I cannot disagree. My only observation about Coffea is that their coffee is strong. I usually don't think caffeine affects me too much, but the last time I had Coffea, I was alert and ready to go! Not that that is a bad thing!

Coffea's coffee is also so appealing to the eye as well. Their latte art is on point.

Plus, the yummy candied hazelnuts on the side of my latte were a delicious bonus!

In case you are wondering about our neighboring states best coffee shops, they are as follows:

Iowa-Horizon Line Coffee in Des Moines

North Dakota- Youngblood Coffee Roasters in Fargo

Nebraska- Archetype Coffee in Omaha

Minnesota- Wesley Andrews in Minneapolis

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