I have been to lots of Flea Markets. I mean- -lots! My mom was a flea market fanatic, and every one of them was an opportunity to find a treasure. Unfortunately, this led her to be one Frank Sinatra commemorative plate away from being a hoarder.

That kind of thing passes down from parent to child, so yes, I and both my sisters have a lot of stuff. One of us is a lot more organized than the others. But that person (Carmela) shall remain anonymous. Oops!

In any case, if you love flea markets there are some amazing ones in South Dakota! So whether you're looking for an old license plate, Fire King dishware (like me, I'm always looking for this stuff), sock puppets, earrings, whatever, you'll want to check these out!

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The first one you'll want to see is Benson's Flea Market right here in Sioux Falls. They're open the first full weekend of every month from September to April. Their "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure" jingle really gets stuck in your head.

The reason I've included Al's Oasis in an article about Flea Markets should be fairly obvious. It is loaded with all the goodies you'll find in a flea market, plus 5 cent coffee, pie, and a giant buffalo out front!

Now, my friend Karla Brown mentioned the Davis, South Dakota Flea Market, which is famous for their homemade goodies. However, I was just about done with this story when she reminded me. Sorry, Brown.

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