Fans of the Pickle Barrel in Sioux Falls are greeted at the counter with a sign that says, "Due to the pickle shortage, please ask if you want a pickle." Wait...a pickle shortage? Now THAT'S a BIG DILL!

Apparently, the availability of pickles has been up and down since 2019. Some say it was a jar shortage. Even Burger King had to delay the release of its new chicken sandwich because of a pickle - or pickle jar - shortage. Others say the ripple effects from COVID-19 are to blame. Either way, customers are feeling the pinch of the pickle. OUCH!

According to one lunch patron, the Pickle Barrel in Sioux Falls limits pickles to a half pickle per customer and cuts them in half the long way. So you can at least make a sweet pickle canoe.

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Yes, the restaurant supply chain seems to be out of whack and may continue to be that way a while longer before they get everything sorted out.

We all cleanly survived the toilet paper shortage. Car dealers and game consoles are feeling the "crunch" of the chip shortage. But a pickle shortage potentially caused by "Kosher 19?" Wonder if Vegas is taking bets on what's next...

Photo by Steve Schmidt, WPP, and TSM


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