Talk about humble beginnings. Melissa Johnson took what some may call a flying leap at the business world with a whopping $67 in her account. $67 dollars. Today, when you look around Sioux Falls, South Dakota chances are you've heard of her business, and tasted one of her cupcakes from Oh My Cupcakes!.

We caught up with Melissa Johnson the other day for a quick phone call. It wasn't long ago that Johnson was one of Sioux Falls Best 'on air' radio personalities in South Dakota, but when the microphone was off, during breaks her mind kept chasing a sweet dream. That dream was starting her own business.

This story is a little different than most that I write. I thought it would be best if we actually heard from Melissa Johnson as she talked about her business.

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Most businesses ' start-up stories have an interesting twist. One of the Oh My Cupcakes! stories actually revolve around how their name came about. Like any good country song, the title, or in this case the name of the business has an interesting starting place.

If you think of the television show Shark Tank you can almost envision Johnson as she took her business plan along with her vision to a local banker. Like an appearance on a television show, the business world can be accompanied by harsh realities. Johnson ran to just that when she met with a lender for the first time.

In order to get started with her dream, Johnson knew she was going to have to start small. In fact, the early days of Oh My Cupcakes! actually started with a project. The project was one she did with her family in the form of a Bake Sale Fundraiser.

As our conversation started to wind down, I let Melissa know that I had seen a quote on Twitter earlier that day, how Entrupeners have a little gambler in them. Johnson admitted that at the time she was all in and more than willing to roll dice.

Oh My Cupcakes! currently boasts two beautiful locations here in Sioux Falls. The process involved the idea and yes, $67 in a checking account.

If you talk with Johnson, chances are the conversation will bounce back to a business philosophy that is grounded in faith.

Oh My Cupcakes! is more than just cupcakes. Johson was specific when stating that they are a cupcake store first, but have branched out into cakes as well. On your next trip to Oh My Cupcakes!, ask about their cakes. And the next time a special event or occasion comes up, or just because remember every day is a cupcake day at Oh My Cupcakes! in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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