The South Dakota Attorney General's Office has announced that the South Dakota Supreme Court as upheld murder conviction of Joseph R. Patterson regarding the death of a two year old boy, who was the son of Patterson's girlfriend.  The boy, Tyrese Ruffin, was the son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

Attorney General Marty Jackley commented on the decision in a released statement. “The South Dakota Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the jury’s guilty verdict in this tragic case,” said Jackley. “Patterson is being held accountable for his unconscionable act of taking the life of a two-year old. I want to thank the jurors, the investigators and the prosecutors for their difficult work.”

Tom Wollman, Lincoln County State's Attorney has been a part of the legal process.  “We have always believed in the strength of our case, and the criminal justice system has held this defendant accountable for his horrific criminal actions,”

Patterson appealed on a claim that evidence was not properly allowed into court.
The South Dakota Supreme Court rejected the claims.
Patterson was convicted in September 2015 and was sentenced to life without parole for second degree murder.

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