If the COVID-19 pandemic has you rethinking how you vacation in 2021, there is a place in South Dakota that can give you the getaway you've been looking for with all of the social distancing you need to travel safely.

It's known as the Cabin at Green Mountain and it's one of South Dakota's most coveted rental properties.


The two-bedroom, two-bathroom cabin sleeps six and is featured on a pair of new lists from TimeOut.com -  'Most Wish-Listed Airbnb Stays in Each State' and 'The Midwest’s Most Lusted-After Airbnb Properties'

On the property's Airbnb page, it's listed as a Deadwood address, but it's actually about a 30-mile drive away from town. In reality, it's closer to Rapid City, which is about 20 miles to the Southeast.

The cabin was originally built in the 1910s and has been extensively remodeled since. It even has satellite internet and WiFi, but no cell phone service - the closest signal is a mile-and-a-half up the road.


That might actually be a huge selling point if you're looking to really get away for a few days.

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