I don't think anyone really needed to tell us this, but apparently, the number wizards at WalletHub disagree. South Dakotans are very hardworking people. In fact, in the latest 2019 study, South Dakota came in third overall.

We were outworked by the citizens of North Dakota, which garnered the top position and Alaska which ranked second.

The statistic which really got my attention was South Dakota having the largest share of workers with multiple jobs in the country. So people here are doubly ambitious, but I wonder if that is by choice. We have extremely low unemployment here, that is a given.

But it can be very difficult for South Dakotans to meet financial obligations, or support a family, working one full-time, minimum wage job. There are families here in Sioux Falls, where both adults work two jobs in an attempt to simply make ends meet.

WalletHub gathered their statistics by considering things like, average workweek hours, commute times, volunteering hours, amount of vacation not used and leisure time spent per day. South Dakota was 4th in the leisure category, so, we know how to take it easy when we do have time off.

If you'd like to see the full report you can find it at WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub


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