Move over, boys!  It's time for the girls to shine on the football field in the state of South Dakota!

Kicking-off in the Spring of 2021, the South Dakota Pheasants will be the state's first Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) professional women's tackle football team.  Tryouts are already underway!

This women's team is very similar to the Sioux Falls Storm, except the South Dakota Pheasants are not an arena team.

What's better than having the first female professional tackle football team in the state? Calling Sioux Falls the permanent home of the South Dakota Pheasants of course!  Vice President and Co-owner of the South Dakota Pheasants, Brian Finch says they are currently accepting bids to find a home for the team.  So far, they are considering Howard Wood Field, University of Sioux Falls, Roosevelt High School, and Augustana University to host the WFA team.

During a conversation on Facebook, Brian Finch explains to me that the South Dakota Pheasants will be the women's version of the NFL.  "We are full contact, full pads, helmets.  These girls take hits, tackle other girls, making passes, running touchdowns, kicking, punting, field goals; the whole 9 yards,” states Finch.

Any women who are interested in trying out for the South Dakota Pheasants are encouraged to email or call (402)-650-4152.  Future players who are interested can also click here for more information on the team and tryout location.

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