Are you stressed out? Well, if you live in South Dakota, apparently, you're in the minority.

South Dakota was the #1 least stressed-out state according to a WalletHub study. The other least stressed out states include Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota.

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There were 41 different factors used to determine the most and least stressed out states. A few of these 41 factors were things like average work hours, unemployment rate, income, bankruptcy rates, divorce rates, Covid restrictions, depression rates, healthcare costs, crime, and even the amount of sleep a person gets.

South Dakota was in the Top 5 for Most Hours of Sleep per state and Top Job Security. Helping South Dakota secure the #1 spot overall.

On the flip side, the most stressed-out states are Nevada, Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Mississippi.

So, what exactly is stressing people out the most?

According to WalletHub, "The biggest source of stress for Americans in 2021 is money problems, according to a recent WalletHub survey. The COVID-19 pandemic, which took first place last year, has slipped to second, which makes sense considering the progress the U.S. has made with vaccination and reopening. Overall stress levels are not uniform across the country, though, and certain states worry more than others about specific issues."

For the most part, the Midwest and neighboring states faired pretty well. Nebraska came in at #7 least stressed and Wisconsin was #6 least stressed.

Source: WalletHub

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