[Update] A judge has ruled on Initiated Measure 22.  Sarah Rabern with the Attorney General's Office issued the following statement:

Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that Circuit Court Judge Mark Barnett has issued a preliminary injunction in the Initiated Measure 22 lawsuit.
“It is my duty and responsibility as Attorney General to defend measures adopted by the voters and I will continue to do so,” said Jackley.
Initiated Measure 22 was approved by the majority of South Dakota voters last month as an act to revise State campaign finance and lobbying laws, create a publicly funded campaign finance program, create an ethics commission, and appropriate funds.


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Judge Mark Barnett is reviewing a lawsuit from over 20 lawmakers and a conservative state lobbying group challenging the state over a voter-supported campaign finance and ethics law.

According to KCCR Radio in Pierre, the legislators say Initiated Measure 22 is unconstitutional as it could unseat them from their legislative roles, restrict free political speech and allow unauthorized appropriations from the state's general fund.

One of the lawmakers that signed on to the suit was Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson of Sioux Falls. He believes some parts of the measure are unconstitutional and hopes for a preliminary injunction on the case to speed up the process.   The lawmakers argue the law shouldn't be implemented as voters were tricked due to supporters running deceptive advertising.

In Governor Dennis Daugaard's recent budget address, he asked lawmakers to address what he sees as many flaws of the law.

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