Dakota Rural Action of South Dakota lobbies against the uranium mine proposed in western South Dakota and for the sale of raw milk, and other unique issues.

They sent out this media release asking for assistance in support of a resolution dealing with groundwater in South Dakota:


Email your legislators now - YES on

House Concurrent Resolution 1025:

Reaffirming the value of South Dakota's groundwater resources
and recognizing the need for ongoing evaluation
of our groundwater management.
With the sponsorship of Rep. Troy Heinert, D-Mission, we have introduced a resolution that is ALL ABOUT THE WATER. House Concurrent Resolution 1025reaffirms how important groundwater is to the state of South Dakota, and how important it is to us as citizens of this state. Whether you are West River dealing with mine development or East River dealing with drought and factory farms, you are affected by how groundwater is allocated and managed, and we need to make a statement that we are paying attention.Our state policy is to value and protect our groundwater. But we don't have any kind of comprehensive groundwater management system, and we aren't keeping up with the times as technology changes and the ways in which our groundwater is being used is changing. This resolution reaffirms the value of our groundwater and urges an on-going evaluation of how that water is managed.
This isn't about being anti-mining or anti-development:
it is about being PRO-WATER and ensuring the decisions we make today
don't hurt our ability to thrive tomorrow.
Write to your House Representatives RIGHT NOW and urge them to VOTE YES on HCR 1025. The vote may be as early as Wednesday, Feb. 26, so make sure you email now. We've included a sample message you can send, but please make it personal!Email subject: Vote YES on HCR 1025, value our groundwater resourcesSample email: I am emailing you to urge your "YES" vote on HCR 1025, reaffirming the value of our groundwater resources. Everything we do in South Dakota depends on our groundwater - agriculture, tourism, the quality of our lives. We have seen serious drought in the past ten years, bringing questions about how we move forward with growing our state and our livelihoods while maintaining the groundwater we have come to take for granted.

Please VOTE YES on HCR 1025, and let's keep South Dakota's water at the top of our priority list.

Thank you,

[your name]

House of Representatives Email Address List:
Rep.Anderson@state.sd.us, Rep.Bartling@state.sd.us, Rep.Bolin@state.sd.us, Rep.Cammack@state.sd.us, Rep.Campbell@state.sd.us, Rep.Carson@state.sd.us, Rep.Conzet@state.sd.us, Rep.Craig@state.sd.us, Rep.Cronin@state.sd.us, Rep.Dryden@state.sd.us, Rep.Duvall@state.sd.us, Rep.Ecklund@state.sd.us, Rep.Erickson@state.sd.us, Rep.Feickert@state.sd.us, Rep.Feinstein@state.sd.us, Rep.Gibson@state.sd.us, Rep.Gosch@state.sd.us, Rep.Greenfield@state.sd.us, Rep.Hajek@state.sd.us, Rep.Hawks@state.sd.us, Rep.Hawley@state.sd.us, Rep.Heinemann@state.sd.us, Rep.Heinert@state.sd.us, Rep.Hickey@state.sd.us, Rep.Hoffman@state.sd.us, Rep.Hunhoff@state.sd.us, Rep.Johns@state.sd.us, Rep.Kaiser@state.sd.us, Rep.Killer@state.sd.us, Rep.Kirschman@state.sd.us, Rep.Kopp@state.sd.us, Rep.Langer@state.sd.us, Rep.Latterell@state.sd.us, Rep.Lust@state.sd.us, Rep.Magstadt@state.sd.us, Rep.May@state.sd.us, Rep.Mickelson@state.sd.us, Rep.Munsterman@state.sd.us, Rep.Nelson@state.sd.us, Rep.Novstrup@state.sd.us, Rep.Otten@state.sd.us, Rep.Parsley@state.sd.us, Rep.Peterson@state.sd.us, Rep.Qualm@state.sd.us, Rep.Rasmussen@state.sd.us, Rep.Ring@state.sd.us, Rep.Romkema@state.sd.us, Rep.Rounds@state.sd.us, Rep.Rozum@state.sd.us, Rep.Russell@state.sd.us, Rep.Schaefer@state.sd.us, Rep.Schoenfish@state.sd.us, Rep.Schrempp@state.sd.us, Rep.Sly@state.sd.us, Rep.Soli@state.sd.us, Rep.Solum@state.sd.us, Rep.Stalzer@state.sd.us, Rep.Steele@state.sd.us, Rep.Stevens@state.sd.us, Rep.Tulson@state.sd.us, Rep.Tyler@state.sd.us, Rep.Verchio@state.sd.us, Rep.Werner@state.sd.us, Rep.Westra@state.sd.us, Rep.Wick@state.sd.us, Rep.Wink@state.sd.us, Rep.Wismer@state.sd.us, Rep.BettyOlson@state.sd.us, Rep.DonHaggar@state.sd.us, Rep.JennaHaggar@state.sd.us

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