For those of us trying to figure out alternate routes it only lasted a couple of days and we can now take Highway 115 again - at least until April 22. South Dakota Highway 115 construction has been postponed until then.

People who travel this highway every day knew there was some big project coming when they started moving telephone poles and tearing out trees. The project started April 1 with South Dakota Highway 115 being closed off for construction.

Like a lot of people just a couple days in I started getting text messages from friends, and family saying my regular go to route to Sioux Falls was already back open. From what I was hearing it was going to be a big project, and last more than one season with a projected end date some where in 2020.

Hopefully whatever the hang up is will not be a sign of things to come with this project.

Like the old joke goes: there are two seasons around here, winter, and road construction.

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