I like beer. I'm not the only one, especially in the 605.

According to a study by VinePair.com, South Dakota drinks the fourth most beer per capita of any state in the country. The Mount Rushmore State crushes 38.2 gallons of brew per year.

New Hampshire topped the list with 40.6 gallons per person. Montana was second and North Dakota was third on the list. Nebraska and Iowa were also well over 30 gallons of beer per person but Minnesota was curiously behind its neighbors at only 28 million.

Total beer consumed is a fun stat to go along with this, since most of the top 10 states were not among the most populated. California downs the most beer by a lot with 724.9 million gallons of beer. Texas is second at 626 million gallons. South Dakota only drinks down a total of 24 million gallons.

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