Are you a wine drinker? No, I'm not talking as in wino or alcoholic, but instead, a person who enjoys a nice glass of wine with dinner.

That's me, I love a fine five year old Merlot, the drier the better too. Put it this way, I could be one that uses steak and wine as a password. Red meat and red wine is my kind of thing.

And along with the enjoyment, I believe it's healthy to drink a glass of wine. I've read many articles that it's good for your heart.

Now we learn of something else wine can do for you. In case you needed another reason to pour yourself a glass, a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry discovered that wine is a fantastic disinfectant for bad mouth germs.

That’s right! Bacteria can't survive in it. With this in mind, researchers found that wine specifically fights germs in the mouth that cause dental plaque and sore throats. So, if you feel a little ache in your throat, forget the Advil and pour yourself a glass of wine instead.

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