Local author Sion Lidster is releasing his next two poetry books simultaneously, and we asked him some questions about his new works.

Why did you decide to release two books at the same time?

It wasn’t the original plan. I was having trouble coming up with a cover for Fix Spelled Red - I’ve had the title and the image of the writing in my head for years, but couldn’t think of something to put as an image. Most of my book covers are very bright and vibrant. I wanted this one to be more subdued. Whilst deciding on a cover I kept writing, and had the itch to release the newest stuff too. ‘I Thought I Was Cured’ is the ‘b-sides and rarities’ book… it’s a little rougher, scratchier…

I will release them both as a pay what you can bundle. Also, the first 10 copies of Fix Spelled Red will be a box set, complete with a cd by Peeler City (a poetry/noise project), zine, poetry art work, and more! I’m also going to be setting up a ‘fan club box’ that you can put your name/email/address in and I will send you all manner of poetry + publishing related things!

What are the names of the books and the meaning behind the names? 

Fix Spelled Red was originally meant to be my ‘punk rock poems’. It drifted more into a dreamy state, but the title is based off of a photograph of Sid Vicious, bassist of the Sex Pistols, when he was touring in America. They hated him. One night he carved ‘Gimme a Fix’ into his chest with a broken bottle that was thrown at him. The image has always stuck with me, so the ‘spelled red’ is that which is written in blood. A bold move, and I believe poetry is bold, so it fits.

Fix was a very transitional book for me. A lot of good and bad happened to me in the last year or two, and when I finished the book I felt as though I had changed for the better. Then of course life has a way of dealing you madnesses, some of which I have a tendency to embrace more than I should. ‘…Cured’ is an indulgence of those… an admittance that the wild stuff is yet to come still.

What type of reader will connect with these books?

It is not Milk and Honey. It is not safe space style poetry. It’s modern Beat. It’s not about healing, but living. There is a lot of feminism in the books. I think maybe art college drop outs will like it. Maybe anyone who gravitates towards Bohemia… freedom seekers, idlers…

What was the hardest part about finishing these books?

Apart from deciding on the cover, everything was very easy. Self publishing is so simple these days, and a lot of fun. Fix was a long time coming (two years writing), more considered…  ‘Cured’ is fast and short and spontaneous, so it is nice to have that full package. This is everything I have ever written that I want to be out in books, I don’t currently have any other poems written that are not now published. This is perhaps a ‘hard’ part - deciding on the next project. I have a novel in the works, an art movie, more Peeler City recordings… but as for the books, that’s the easy part!

Where can people pick up your books? 

They will be released on Saturday May 4th at the Beer and Poetry event at the Full Circle Book Co-op. I will have a featured reader spot, so I will be reading from these books for about half an hour. Following that they are available on Amazon, local spots in Sioux Falls, and I will be carrying them around in a plastic bag everywhere I go for the foreseeable future!

Do you have any book release events or other events people can come check out?

Full Circle Book Co-op, the book-bar business that I am a co-owner of, has many, many events. You can check out our Facebook page for more up to date info. We run a Beer and Poetry event on the first and third Saturday of the month. But there is so much more there, so if any of this is of interest, please come and check us out.


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